Hildebrand’s Smart platform delivers a heat metering system

Camden Council (a local authority in London) was awarded ERDF funds to pilot an individual metering system for their district heating infrastructure. The goal is to show that feedback, pricing information and pre-payment budgeting will give households more control over their spend, be fairer than the current billing scheme and give people rewards for energy efficiency.

Cost effective individual metering

Camden Council are introducing remote heat and gas meters to thousands of properties within the borough’s district heating system. Residents were paying a flat rate fee, no matter what their consumption as there were no monitoring tools. Installation of boilers at a household level was not cost effective for the 2,000 homes in the pilot study.

Completely integrated solution

Hildebrand partnered with installation engineers to provide a full supply and install package for heat metering infrastructure, including control and measurement of centrally supplied hot water. Implementation started in December 2011 and continues today (2016).

Signficant reduction in consumption

Based on the data collected to date it is estimated that the new system will result in an average 20% reduction in heating expenses per household per year. The systems is virtually maintenance free and enables proactive realtime detection of heating systems failures. Residents can take full control of their heating expenses and usage and are able to learn about their usage patterns. 

Hildebrand’s role

We developed the end to end solution, including the wide area network communications for the meters across the estate, which allows our system to measure watts and watt-hours of heat, apply rates to the usage, operate the billing system and provide a low cost (under £50) tablet for householders to see their energy use in realtime.

Trial this in your community

We have extensive experience with European funding and can help local authorities to apply for funding such heating schemes in your housing stock, subject to certain qualifying criteria. Contact us (details at the bottom of the page) to find out more.

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