Smart metering, smart grid, smart cities: they all need a smart platform to capture, collate and unlock big data's potential. At Hildebrand we offer that platform.

Our unique background in technology solutions, mobile communications, database and product design and our participation in major research projects underpins our smart platform which is at the core of our product offering.

What is Hildebrand's Smart platform?

Our smart platform analyses time series data and efficiently manages vast volumes of time sensitive data. Platforms like ours are essential to the future of the Internet of Things. Hildebrand's smart platform storage and processing peformance is world class, allowing big data to be managed efficiently and cheaply. We use the latest security techniques to maintain encryption of the communication channels and key identifying data.

The platform integrates data across a wide variety of sensor types. We are constantly adding new instruments to our ecosystem, working with our partners to continue to build the offering across a broad array of instruments, inter-connecting them and adding intelligence via our smart platform.

How could our smart platform work for you?

Turnkey solution for utilities (distributors and retailers), governments (local, state, federal).

Customers like Ausgrid are using our software as a turnkey solution to provide realtime analysis of consumption and production data off smart meters. Our software is fully customisable offering complete flexibility. Products include data transfer, analytic engine and customer engagement tools.

Software as a Service (SaaS) for utilities, municipalities, communities, ESCOs, retailers, enterprises.

For those who don't want to manage the software and data themselves, we have a SaaS solution, used by Camden and a major UK utility. As with our turnkey solution, we provide realtime analysis of consumption and production data and develop bespoke user interfaces to our data and analytics. Additional products include management reporting and hosted analytics.

Measurement tools for households, businesses, NGOs, researchers, energy consultants, hardware manufacturers, software developers.

A low cost solution which allows customers to leverage our community ecosystem with orientation data onboard, benchmarks, ready-made tools and delivery templates. Main product is end to end, low cost metering. This solution is used by Efergy and drives our own retail product, energyhive.