Smart Consumption

Making energy consumption understandable is challenging - terms like kW, kWHours and carbon footprint are not real to people and difficult to translate into something that makes sense and is actionable. With Hildebrand's smart platform we make understanding energy consumption real. The platform allows us to deliver displays of real-time and historic consumption, comparison to similar environments, tariff setting and management.

Our retail product, energyhive, is a demonstration of our smart ecosystem and offers our smart platform to both residential and small business customers globally.

We offer a white label version of the smart consumption service through either our turnkey or Software as a Service products; customers put their branding and design on top of our data dashboard. Manufacturers of energy measurement devices and researchers can either license the hardware design of our data collection device (the energyhive hub), or sell the hub under our brand. efergy is a manufacturer of real-time electricity display hardware; they white label the dashboard and manufacture their own branded hub using our design.

API's to the underlying data are made available to developers who wish to develop their own apps which can be sold to customers under a revenue share arrangement.

At Hildebrand we regularly participate in research projects to extend our expertise and engage with the research community. We are committed to working with researchers and build on our own expertise to define the motivators to drive reduction in energy consumption.