Smart Ecosystem

Our smart ecosystem is an environment that is a true 'Internet of Things'. We collect data from a range of instruments via our hub. The hub transmits the data back into our smart platform where it is collated, stored and real-time analytics are performed within our smart platform. Our goal is to deliver intelligent, actionable information to our user community, based on the inter-connected devices in dialogue with our smart platform.

Hub device: captures data and returns it to our smart ecosystem

The energyhive hub operates in the 433MHz ISM band and can receive data from a range of compatible energy-monitoring transmitters. The hub connects with a user's broadband router via a network cable at 10 Mbit/sec, uploading data over a secure HTTPS connection to the energyhive servers.

MultiSensors: monitor environmental data within the building

The energyhive MultiSensors allow a user to monitor environmental data in and around their home. Temperature, light and motion detection data is sent to the hub every 16s where it is then uploaded to the energyhive servers. The hub can be paired with up to 5 devices in total, allowing a user to monitor many aspects of their home in several different rooms at once.

Smart platform: the heart of the ecosystem

Far more than a data repository, this is where the intelligence behind the interconnected instruments resides. By handling high volumes of data points within our time series data, and delivering real-time analytics, we make big data meaningful.