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Differentiating + value

The turnkey environment that delivers more energy monitoring capability for less.

Energy businesses

Our platform goes beyond a simplistic readout – it creates change and reduces hardware costs by as much as 50%.

Allowing you to offer superior customer experience and engagement, manage prepayment, implement demand response and time of use tariffs.

Local authorities

Designed to reduce complexity for metering and deliver accurate billing (pre-pay or credit): our platform also simplifies operations.

Our energy portal provides your contractors with the information they need to provide a better resident experience through proactive identification of faults and wasteful energy inefficiency.

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Hildebrand experience

Energy and innovation is in our DNA. We know the complexity and compliance pressures facing the industry: from our end to end smart metering solution (hardware, data capture, management and analytics), creation of the world’s first commercial end to end smart grid technology solution, our unique district heating billing and management service and the cost effective hardware we’ve designed, we understand the challenges you face.