Combined display and CAD

Internet connected, delivering real-time electricity, gas and heat consumption. Priced as a stand-alone IHD with easy self-installation, our combined device is a compelling solution for utilities to meet their obligations and take advantage of the new world of Smart.

Compatible with other sensors, able to source internet data (e.g. weather), this device won’t be retired to the kitchen drawer.

Customers benefit from real-time data access anytime, anywhere with an attractive in home display. Combined with our powerful analytic solutions and customer engagement tools utilities can transform their relationship with their customers.

Choose from the many Glowmarkt mobile applications or use our SDK to develop your own customised user experience; add sensors for a connected home solution.

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Monitors Real-time gas, electricity consumption
Installation Consumer friendly, wireless or Wired
Software Remotely updatable
Compatibility Glow sensors (temp, light, motion, humidity), Glowmarkt apps, OpenThings hardware devices
Extendible Source internet weather data, bus schedules, etc.
Power 5V DC via USB to computer or power adapter
Touchscreen 3.5" colour TFT
Display 480x320 pixels at 65,536 colour depth
SMETS2 Compatible Yes
Communications Zigbee, Wifi, OpenThings
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